Those in our community, staff and student body who have been affected by cancer.

Seniors, Staff and Softball Against Cancer


It is a fun day of laughter among friends, both on the senior team and the staff team.  Every year there are plays and at bats that bring a smile!


This is the senior students' last sporting event of their high school experience.  Parents and family come out to see them play one last time.


Bringing students, staff and community businesses together with the goal of helping others

Ending the school year since 2004, the Seniors, Staff and Softball Against Cancer game has generated over $72,000 in donations for the American Cancer Society. Each player of the game, staff and students, pays $20 or gets sponsored to play. Donations are also taken at the game from teachers, parents, family and friends. 100% of all money goes to the American Cancer Society.





A Memorable Experience for Everyone!

Putting a face to cancer for our students!

our mission:

“Cancer not only affects the person with cancer or their families, it affects so many other people.  Cancer is not a private disease; it's something that affects the community."

June 1,  2018  3 PM

JV Softball Field

Seniors, Staff and Softball Against Cancer

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Donations so far:  $72,238.00