Seniors, Staff and Softball Against Cancer

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Bringing students, staff and community businesses together with the goal of helping others

A Memorable Experience for Everyone!

our mission:

“Cancer not only affects the person with cancer or their families, it affects so many other people.  Cancer is not a private disease; it's something that affects the community."

Ending the school year since 2004, the Seniors, Staff and Softball Against Cancer game has generated over $78,000 in donations for the American Cancer Society. Each player of the game, staff and students, pays $20 or gets sponsored to play. Donations are also taken at the game from teachers, parents, family and friends. 100% of all money goes to the American Cancer Society.





Putting a face to cancer for our students!

May 10, 2019  3 PM

JV Softball Field


This is the senior students' last sporting event of their high school experience.  Parents and family come out to see them play one last time.

Donations so far:  $78,153.00

Seniors, Staff and Softball Against Cancer


It is a fun day of laughter among friends, both on the senior team and the staff team.  Every year there are plays and at bats that bring a smile!


Those in our community, staff and student body who have been affected by cancer.