The staff and Class of 2017 of Martin Luther King High School are proud to dedicate this game to the Thorpe family.

 Ron Thorpe passed away from cancer right before the holiday season this year.  He left behind his wife, Veronica, and twelve year old son, Jacob.  The King Kids Against Cancer “adopted” Jacob for the holidays to support him and his mother.

Jacob was invited as a special guest of the school to one of the basketball games, where he it a three point shot to win a family trip to Disneyland.








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Susie Jaggers and Susan Schulte

Seniors, Staff and Softball Against Cancer

Senior  Team

Started with the idea of wanting to help King High students understand the importance of cancer prevention and giving them a "face to go along with the disease," Rod Warren and Todd Pollard, teachers at King, decided to establish this game.

Each year, before the game, the teams are on the field and a special person from the community is introduced by Susie Jaggers, our game M.C., to throw out the first pitch.  We have been honored to have a Riverside Police Officer, three teachers,  a local football coach and two students represent the thousands affected by cancer each year

Umpire Kevin PLante

Seniors, Staff and Softball Against Cancer

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Started with an idea that was approved by the administration.

Umpire Grant osantowski

Umpire Danny Simpson

This Year's Special Guests:

Jacob and Veronica Thorpe

2005 –  Principal Karen Stevenson okays the first game at King.  Modeled after Norte Vista High School, but with the added element of a fund raiser for the American Cancer Society.   Raised $2,300.

2007 –  Added community involvement through donations of prizes to be given away during raffles between innings.  Best prize was an Ipod.  Over 40 seniors sign up to play.
2009 –  Raised money to give our first scholarship to a graduating senior.  Most money ever raised during the game.  $6,493 delivered to ACS.

2010 – Both teams have over 40 players.  City Councilman Paul Davis helps with the first pitch ceremony.

2012- Gave away two $1000 scholarships this year to honor Brian Cowder and Jaz Battieste.

2013 – Freshman student, Jason Warren, forms the King Kids Against Cancer club to bring students together to help those with cancer as well as help keep the game going.

2015- Added a third scholarship of $1000 in honor of community supporter of the game and the King Kids Against Cancer club: Bob Mlynarski.

2016- After years of supporting and playing in our game, Principal Darel Hansen moves to the district office and new Principal, Mike West joins the staff team.  A fourth scholarship of $1000 is established to honor King Counselor, Dave Tucker, who passed away.

Our History

King Kids Against Cancer and Important Volunteers

Donations so far:  $72,238.00

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